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Casey Reddington

Look i’m gonna just say it… I am bloody proud of this Actors Headshot collaboration between the ever amazing Casey Reddington and myself. We spent a fair bit of time pre-planning these shots together which were a mix of natural light and studio (something i'm developing more and more).

Most of all we just enjoyed the process of figuring out her branding and where she wants her career to head as a team. She also just brought her f&$king A-Game on the day which made my job easier!

This didn’t just happen by accident though she let me know that she’s been hyper-focused on her goals and has gotten rid of a lot of the bad habits that weren’t serving her or her dreams. She has cut right down on drinking and going out for the sake of it, she has been eating clean as a polished spoon, putting herself out there more in terms of developing her own sense of self and has been investing heavily in her career which is an absolute must as an Actor.

Folks this gal is ready to hit her stride in this career and lady boss it all the way. Definitely one to watch!

As always I love helping other Actors thrive and make their career grow so if anyone needs me just head on over to my contact page and shoot me a quick message

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