Professional Actor Showreels in Melbourne from $695

What's one of the biggest problem Actors face when they are trying to transition out of the struggle and into working professionally and getting paid to do what they love?  It's having amazing, cinematic quality footage that shows that they deserve to be working with the best of the best!

What most Actors fail to realise is that most Showreel Scenes, even the ones that are shot really well, end up doing very little for their career because there is no planning behind it, no strategy to help them get in front of the right people or get them the status they desire which is to be an A List actor who is working all the time and telling powerful stories that change the world. 

Most Showreel scenes don't ensure that Casting Directors, Agents, Producers, Writers and the key decision makers in the Industry see you and immediately imagine you in their projects. Why is this? It's because half the time Showreel Scenes are made from existing scenes that people have seen done to death and offers very little in the way of originality.


Seriously, the number of times we have seen Actors film a scene from 'The Notebook' only to discover that every other Actor has done the same thing and failed to compare to Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdam's because... well c'mon they are freaking Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdam's!!!

So how do you solve this problem? How do you stand out from the crowd? Well this is where my team comes in.

We are doing things a little differently this year to really help you succeed. We help you create an original film concept that you can be proud of and turn it into something even bigger such as a short film, web series or TV pilot episode, maybe even a feature film where you're the Lead Actor!

The best part? We are there for you every step of the way! So if you want to know more about Showreels, get in touch and claim your FREE 30 minute brand strategy session where i'll personally give you guidance on your branding, talk about your goals and help you decide on the best type of project to create for yourself to fast track your goals of being a working actor.

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